Major Issues Facing Education & How Modular Buildings Can Help

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From healthcare to government services, modular construction provides numerous benefits to many industries across the board looking for new facilities. 

We’ve even found some amazing unique uses for modular buildings!

However, the education sector is one of the most important industries taking advantage of modular construction. After all, schools are what drive the future of our society.

While the education sector faces budgeting, space, and other challenges in the state of the world today, there’s a silver lining—modular construction can help mitigate these issues. Specific challenges that modular construction can address are overcrowding, run-down buildings, lack of space, and lack of funding. 

Hopkinton permanent construction
Elementary school permanent modular construction in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.


Of all the issues faced by the education sector, overcrowding might be the biggest.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), overcrowding in schools is officially defined as any time the number of students enrolled exceeds the number that the school can accommodate by a figure of 5% or more. By this metric, approximately 22% of schools are affected by overcrowding. 

It’s no secret that overcrowding is detrimental to the educational experience for students—thankfully, modular construction is one of the best solutions to help schools combat this issue. 

With modular, the education sector has a reliable and quick solution for adding much-needed space to their facilities. With fast speed to occupancy compared to traditional construction, schools can add to their space in record time and address overcrowding quicker than ever.

Modular construction also offers some flexibility in terms of temporary and permanent solutions. For example, one of Triumph Modular’s more challenging projects, Chelmsford Public Schools, was a project providing temporary classroom space without sacrificing the aesthetics of the building. 

Temporary modular construction for education in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Run Down Buildings

While some schools are newer and were built recently, others have been around for decades. In some cases, these older schools have become landmarks and cherished buildings that remind past generations of their younger days.

The problem is that some of these older schools are run-down and desperately need a facelift.

Here’s where modular construction can step in.

Having an up-to-date building is important—building managers in all industries want a clean, modern-looking building. Clean and modern buildings are significant in the education sector since the facility can directly impact the learning environment it intends to provide.

Permanent modular is a great solution for schools looking to update their look and move away from run-down buildings. These modular buildings can provide a modern feel with a top-notch learning environment for students of all ages. 


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Lack of Space For School Services

We often forget how many different people are in school buildings at any given time. There are the students and teachers, of course.

But what about the other services a school needs to thrive?

You’ve got administration, janitor services, guidance counselors, and school nurses that all need an operational work environment. Additional space becomes even more critical when schools take on more students, and more of these services are required with little time to plan.

Modular can help ease this transition. With some simple modular additions, you can create adequate workspaces for all your school service providers. These spaces are as modern as you need them to be, with all the amenities your school service workers require!

Tempoary construction at North Eastern University
Temporary construction at Northeastern University.

Lack of Funding

Lack of funding is neck and neck with overcrowding as one of the most significant issues facing the education sector. One study even suggests that the United States is underfunding K-12 public schools by a staggering $150 billion annually.

This lack of funding can drastically affect any school’s ability to update its facilities, whether for overcrowding, updating old buildings, or creating new facilities for school service workers. The unpredictable costs of traditional construction methods make it even more difficult for schools to add to their facilities.

While modular construction isn’t always the cheaper solution, it provides cost predictability. One of the main success factors with modular construction is limiting design changes midway through the process, and when this is followed, cost predictability remains high. This cost predictability can help mitigate some of the funding problems faced by the education sector today.

Looking For More Information About Modular in the Education Sector?

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