Modular Space Solutions in the Healthcare Industry

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Modular construction has seen rapid growth over the past decade. 

Today, we see all kinds of different industries take advantage of the benefits of modular construction—especially when compared to traditional construction. Everyone from utility companies and schools to more unique industries are using modular to supplement their space. 

One of the most important industries using modular construction regularly is the healthcare industry.

Let’s take a look at what makes modular such an attractive option in the healthcare industry, along with the specific practices that opt for using modular over traditional construction.

Why the Healthcare Industry Takes Advantage of Modular Solutions

Compared to traditional construction methods, modular construction carries several benefits—many of which line up perfectly with some of the pain points in the healthcare industry. 

Let’s look at a few of those.

Speed to Occupancy

We all know that the healthcare industry moves rapidly. The environment is constantly changing around healthcare workers and the needs of the healthcare industry change with them.

One such need is additional space. Whether it’s testing labs that were required during the pandemic, a modular waiting room to accommodate more people, or any other spatial need, the ability to occupy the building quickly matters.

Possibly the biggest advantage of modular construction is the unmatched speed to occupancy. Since the process of constructing the building itself is already finished, the building can be occupied in record time. This is essential for the healthcare industry—one of the world’s busiest and most demanding industries. 


Building on our point about speed to occupancy, we mentioned how quickly the needs of the healthcare industry could change, whether we’re talking about hospitals, specialty healthcare providers, or any other type of healthcare-related business.

This makes flexibility all the more important. Depending on the type of modular building chosen, many different models can be reused and repurposed into different types of buildings. For example, turning an old testing lab into an extension for a waiting room. 

There’s also flexibility in temporary modular as well. In some cases, healthcare industry companies may only need a building for a set period of time instead of a permanent solution. Modular companies have temporary solutions available to meet the needs of these clients. 

Less Impact on Day-to-Day Operations

Since the majority of the construction process takes place off-site, the site impact is minimal. All that takes place is installing the modular building instead of setting up an entire construction site to get the building in place. 

This is beneficial for any industry, but it’s easy to see why it’s especially helpful for the healthcare industry. The importance of having minimal site disruptions throughout the day is crucial for patients and staff. 

Building Quality on Par (or Better) Than Traditional Construction 

On top of all of these benefits, build quality associated with modular construction has grown to a point where the aesthetics can match just about any current construction.

Although much of the healthcare industry likely has more pressing matters to tend to, having the option to expand your buildings with modular solutions that can match your building aesthetic benefits the look and feel of the facility. 

Which Healthcare Providers Are Taking Advantage of Modular?

The healthcare industry spans many providers—all of which can find some use for modular construction.

Some of these providers include:

  • Hospitals
  • Research labs
  • Surgeons
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Dental offices
  • Vet clinics

One example from Triumph Modular is Cambridge Hospital: One of our toughest projects to date. We provided them with 14 modules which were assembled off-site before being trucked to the hospital and set on a foundation. These modules are now the Cambridge Hospital Mammography Center.

Questions About Modular Construction in the Healthcare Industry?

Triumph Modular is a leading modular construction company with extensive experience providing modular solutions to healthcare institutions. For more information about modular construction in the healthcare industry, reach out to us. We’re here to help.