Aesthetics and Innovative Modular Buildings

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innovative modular

When it comes to modular buildings, most people think first about utility, speed, and cost savings. But what about aesthetics and innovative modular? Everyone is happier when they have a good looking building with the custom features they need. Hence, Triumph is Redefining Modular. We are reshaping the modular mindset, one visually stunning building at a time.

Temporary Modular Student Housing

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modular student housing
Several times a year we hear from prospective clients asking for an affordable and high quality "temporary" modular system of student housing. Whether due to spikes in enrollment, continuing construction projects on campus, or simply the unknowns of long term housing planning, school officials are often in a bind. Triumph Modular is always here to help our clients explore different ... Read More

Modular at ABX Boston, Nov 14th: fellow Kool-Aid drinkers sought!

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Mark your calendars!  Nov 14th is the day, especially if you are interested in efficiency. Large scale permanent modular construction will be defined and represented more accurately than ever at this year’s Architecture Boston (ABX) conference and exhibit.  Off site construction is being featured in a panel discussion of “Project Types” at 8:30 am. ABX is produced by the Boston … Read More

Economic indicator?

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economic indicator

Economic Indicator in Portland, Oregon it looks like the areas of growth for mobile offices include local, state and federal government agencies. But private sector construction and other job sites are trimming back to reflect the leaner economy. “Companies have gotten leaner, if the size of their jobsite trailers is any indication” said Adora Maguire, director of marketing and business … Read More