Boston Renaissance Charter School

The Boston Renaissance Charter School opened in 1995 in the heart of Boston with 630 students, the largest of its kind. Today with 1500 students, it is arguably the most storied and successful Charter Schools in New England. Its dream of moving into a new, $39M permanent home, in Hyde Park, was nearing completion in August of 2010. A spike in enrollment forced them to consider adding modular classrooms relatively late in planning.

Triumph had an education coded classroom capable of occupancy of up to 170 students and staff. Permitting and approvals of this complex prior to school opening would prove to be Triumph’s largest challenge. With issues running concurrently with the construction of the main building, the modular required expedited code reviews and literal “runners” for paperwork, inspection scheduling, and follow up.

Triumph worked with the Owner, his OPM, the builder of the main school, the architects, and the City, to plan, permit and execute the added classroom space in a short amount of time. Utility connections included underground gas, electric power, and water. Site access and egress, walkways, and positioning of the temporary building required precision planning and execution. The building is equipped with an audible evacuation fire alarm system with monitoring, designed in conjunction with Boston Fire Dept. It was a triumphant first day of school for all involved and Triumph is grateful to have worked with an incredible group of people. Craig Engerman, CFO of Renaissance had this to say, “Triumph has definitely lived up to expectations, and we are truly grateful for their involvement in our dream.”