Modular in Education: Portable Classrooms and Permanent Buildings

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chelmsford public schools
Modular buildings in education are quickly becoming a popular alternative to stick-built construction. Whether you need portable classrooms or a permanent building, modular is an attractive approach because it works. We deliver the results you want, within the budget you want, in or before the deadline. Portable SchoolsPortable classrooms and other buildings serve a crucial need in education. If you ... Read More

Northeastern Temporary Modular – Dorm Leasing Office

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northeastern temporary modular
One of Triumph's recent projects was Northeastern University's new leasing office. NEU needed a way to generate awareness and market their new dorm, LightView, opening in September 2019. To achieve this goal, Northeastern hired Triumph to create a leasing office where students could walk through model dorm rooms. Even while construction of the actual residence goes on, students are able ... Read More

Temporary Modular Student Housing

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modular student housing
Several times a year we hear from prospective clients asking for an affordable and high quality "temporary" modular system of student housing. Whether due to spikes in enrollment, continuing construction projects on campus, or simply the unknowns of long term housing planning, school officials are often in a bind. Triumph Modular is always here to help our clients explore different ... Read More

2011 Year End Wrap Up Triumph Modular

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This year at Triumph Modular we saw many clients customizing temporary space like never before. Seemingly unsatisfied with off the shelf temporary modular, many prospects and clients sought out higher design, custom interiors and exteriors. The demand for inspired design of temporary space that was affordable yet didn’t “look like a trailer” was in high demand. We thrive on the … Read More

Triumph Modular Wins Awards from the Modular Building Institute

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modular housing project

Triumph has received two Awards of Distinction and Best of Show from the Modular Building Institute (MBI). The company was recognized with a first place award in the “Green Building“ category for its innovative Harvard Yard Childcare Center building, first place award for “Temporary Modular: Education 2,000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft.” and Best of Show for the Harvard … Read More

Classrooms: Size Versus Money

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In the 15th Annual School Construction Report, Paul Abramson weighs the question of which is more beneficial to education: the size of schools or the cost of construction. Education administrators prioritize their wallets by seeking to minimize their budgets, while research continues to show that smaller schools promote better learning. Abramson asks the question, “Does size matter?” The answer, simply, … Read More

Triumph wins at the 2010 MBI Awards of Distinction

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mbi awards distinction: When we decided to help out the USTA by providing them a unique, temporary, 2-story broadcasting center for the US Open, we knew it would be challenging, but we also knew it could be done. It’s rewarding to know that our hard work and innovation is also recognized by the MBI (Modular Building Institute).  This project won First … Read More

Check out Harvard’s Green Modular Daycare Center

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Harvard Yard Childhood Center

Modular Daycare Center Triumph designed, built and installed an innovative 5,700 square-foot child care facility on the campus of Harvard University in just six weeks. For eighteen months, this modular school building housed the Harvard Yard Child Care Center, and then the Oxford Street Daycare Cooperative, while their permanent locations are being renovated. The building features a variety of green, sustainable … Read More