Featured Modular Buildings for Sale or Lease

As a Leasing Company, our inventory changes as buildings come off lease and are often re-purposed for the next use, or utilized just as they are, creating great value for people while saving massive amounts of energy use by re-using and in essence, recycling building materials.  We call this a triple win – for you the customer, for us as a company, and for our environment.  Please contact us to visit these facilities that will be delivered and installed, just like new for your occupancy.

We update this site frequently, all buildings on these pages are available now:

We separate our available modular building inventory into two categories:

  • Classroom and educational-use buildings
  • All other modular building use groups

Also, see our mobile office and container inventory. The buildings linked above are available or shown in a previously sold configuration. Please inquire with us at 978-431-1000.

Visit our Floor Plan Library – Our Floor Plan Library shows the stock inventory of non-custom modular systems. Typically these systems can be expanded by adding modular pieces to standard configurations.   They can also be customized to meet your specific use.