Off-Site Construction Council

Off-Site Construction Council (OSCC) – A council of the National Institute of Building Sciences


Off-site construction is what makes modular design unique. The designing and planning of a building, as well as the fabricating and assembling of the elements that will eventually make up the finished product, all take place at a location other than the destined final site. Most often the construction happens within a factory.   Modules, or separate units, are constructed, panelized,  fabricated, transported and assembled on-site.  In the past the modular industry has been stigmatized and criticized for being only capable of producing small, low-quality temporary buildings–this perception has reached it’s end, because now a modular building can look as if it were made by traditional construction methods.

The U.S. off-site design and construction industry is at the forefront of generating sophisticated, sustainable, and quality buildings, due to advances in materials and processes used.  According to the OSCC, with the use of off-site construction comes productivity benefits in “labor, scheduling, cost, quality and safety.” Individuals, companies, and entire industries are looking towards modular to enhance the productivity of construction for “multi-story wood construction, steel framed structures, healthcare facilities, educational structures and large-scale military projects.” The limitations that are associated with modular design typically do not exist, but uninformed or biased architects, contractors, and engineers have made it challenging for modular buildings to flourish within the construction industry, though that is changing right now.

In 2013 the National Institute of Building Sciences founded the Off-Site Construction Council (OSCC) which acts as an educational tool and outreach center for the latest information on all types of off-site construction.  A case study on Lexington High School, Lexington, MA is available online at the National Institute of Building Sciences Off-Site Construction Council (OSCC)  a collaboration between TBA Architects, Norian Siani Engineering, VGNA, LandTech Consultants, and Triumph Modular.

At Triumph we work closely with many architects and engineers on projects through out the New England area.  We are a certified provider of continuing education for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) titled  “Modular Construction Today”. We provide “Lunch-n-Learn” sessions thru out the New England area for architects.

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