Looking for the ideal classroom space? 

As the circumstances at your school change, modular classrooms can help meet those needs with the perfect classroom space filled with all of the amenities.

Why Lease a Modular Classroom? 

Choosing modular for your classroom needs provides many benefits over traditional construction, including:
Speed to occupancy – The primary benefit of the modular building process. Choosing a prebuilt classroom space allows you to take advantage of the new space in record time—especially compared to traditional construction methods.

Flexibility – What happens when you no longer need your building? All you do is return it to Triumph Modular—no need to pay for something you don’t require anymore.

Lower site impact – Schools need to maintain a nurturing environment for maximum learning potential—something that is difficult to do with the heavy machinery required for traditional construction. Leasing modular classrooms keeps site impact to a minimum so schools can focus on providing a positive learning environment.

Greener construction – The modular building process contributes to a lesser impact on the environment, including lower material waste and the use of green building materials.


Modular classrooms often serve a short-term use of under three years. As school needs shift, modular classroom space can be a great solution for challenges such as renovations, enrollment surges, or the ongoing development of long-term facilities. Short-term spaces have a relatively low cost, giving schools the chance to try a new space while they complete a permanent facility. Because short-term modular classrooms arrive in a standardized format, we can deploy them to your site in record time.


Intermediate-term leases refer to any lease between 3 and 5 years. These classrooms can endure well beyond the users’ short-term needs when necessary. Typically, Triumph Modular uses existing inventory for these leases, but we work with the client on customization to meet their needs.


Permanent buildings with quality that rivals (and surpasses) traditionally-built classrooms—and you can lease them! You can customize the finishes however you want, just like with newly constructed traditional facilities. Triumph Modular will work with you to get the perfect classroom space—no matter what your needs are.

Triumph Modular offers many different classroom layouts. Visit our floor plan library for some inspiration.


Triumph Modular offers the opportunity to buy portable classrooms as well. We have a selection of portable classrooms for sale in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on your needs. Choosing whether to lease or purchase your portable classroom outright depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Your budget
  • Level of customization required
  • How you plan to use your portable classroom in the future

It can be tough to decide which option is best for your needs. For more information, consult our eBook on leasing vs. buying modular buildings.

These types of spaces all differ in the speed of design, the extent of customization, and cost. Triumph Modular will work with you to find the best possible modular classroom to suit your needs.


Whether you need a swing space, a science lab, or have to combat overcrowding, modular classrooms can provide you with the space you need. If you’re new to them, there’s much to learn about modular classrooms.

We’ve gathered everything conveniently: Triumph’s Modular Classroom Guide.

Our guide has everything you need to know about modular classrooms, including:

  • What modular/portable classrooms are
  • Considerations for acquiring a modular classroom
  • Permanent vs. temporary modular classrooms
  • Permits for modular classrooms
  • Pricing ranges
  • And much more

Take the guesswork out of your portable classroom project—download our Modular Classroom Guide today!