Portable Classrooms – Leasing: Types of School Buildings For Lease

Short-term temporary classroom rentals:  Oftentimes, our modular classrooms serve a short-term use (under three years). Situations may include renovations, enrollment surges, or the ongoing development of long-term facilities.  Short-term spaces have a relatively low cost, thereby affording schools opportunities to try a new space while they complete a permanent facility. Because short-term modular classrooms arrive in a standardized format, we can deploy them to your site faster. Temporary classrooms are sometimes called Portable Classrooms.

“Three to Five year” – Intermediate-Term classroom leases:  These classrooms can endure well beyond the users’ short-term needs when necessary. Typically, Triumph uses existing inventory but works with the client on customization to meet their needs.

Permanent buildings – May be leased: You may have seen steel, concrete, glass, and brick “modular” trailers for lease. These facilities do not lack the custom features and high quality of a 90-year building. You can customize the finishes however you want, just like in newly constructed traditional facilities.

These types of spaces all differ in the speed of design, the extent of customization, and cost. We work with you to find the category for which you are comfortable.