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Thank you for leasing your portable space solution from Triumph Modular. Our modular products have been inspected before delivery and are considered in working condition. Please use this guide for maintenance tips and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during your lease. For urgent service or maintenance concerns, please contact our Service Department immediately at 1-800-408-1688.


Solving Electrical Problems

PROBLEM: All lights or receptacles don’t work.

  • Is the unit connected to 220 volts with the proper size wire?
  • Is the main breaker on in the panel?
  • Check all switches and breakers.
  • If bulbs are burned out, replace them.
  • Call for service if bulbs are in good working condition and still won’t work.

PROBLEM: All fluorescent lights are flickering.

  • Light ballast is cold; flickering usually stops after a few minutes.

PROBLEM: In one of the light fixtures, both bulbs are flickering.

  • Change one bulb at a time; make sure they are new bulbs.
  • If this does not work, then call for service.
  • Purchasing lightbulbs is the responsibility of the customer

PROBLEM: No power in one of the receptacles.

  • Check the GFI receptacle in the bathroom; reset it if the GFI is tripped.
  • Are too many cords plugged into the same receptacle causing an overload in the breaker?
  • Check the breaker at the panel box. Call for service if the breaker is on and there is still no power.
Pro Tip: To ensure safe and proper functioning of an office trailer, it is important to ground the unit. This can be done by installing a rod into the ground, at a depth of 8 feet, and then connecting a number 6 wire from the frame of the office trailer to the ground rod.
Pro Tip: When setting up a generator to power an office trailer, it is important to install a grounding rod at least 8 feet into the ground. Then, attach a number 6 wire from the rod to the generator’s frame.
Pro Tip: Always Use licensed electricians to hook up your building. Failure to use a licensed electrician can incur additional charges.

Solving Air Conditioning Problems

Central Air Conditioning

PROBLEM: The air conditioner does not operate.

  • Is the voltage correct? It should fall in 240V or 208V. 1-phase and 3-phase equipment employ dual primary voltage transformers. All equipment leaves the factory wired on 240V tap.
  • Locate Tap on Bard unit, making sure that it is in the right location either 208V or 240V.
  • Is the hookup done properly? Check the lines running from the power source- i.e. the generator or power lines from a building are correct.
  • Check the circuit breaker at the panel box or unit. If it’s tripped, rest it, if it trips a second-time call for service.

PROBLEM: A/C is running, but no air is coming from the diffusers (vents).

Open ceiling diffusers (vents) and/or registers.

  • Make sure there are no obstructions in the air louvers or grills.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions in front of or on the return.
  • Make sure the filter is clean.
Pro Tip: In AC mode the thermostat should NEVER be set lower than 65 degrees this will prevent coils from freezing.
Pro Tip: Air conditioner filters must be changed often. Under normal conditions, filters must be checked every 30 days or when any wear or debris is noticed.
Pro Tip: The manufacturer recommends changing the filters 4 times annually under normal conditions. Filters should be changed during harsh conditions (ex pollen and dirt). If your lease is longer than 4 months filters need to be changed.

Solving Air Conditioning Problems

Thruwall Air Conditioning

PROBLEM: The air conditioner does not operate.

  • Is the voltage correct? 120V regular plug or 240V one Plug example picture air conditioners
  • Is the unit plugged in?
  • Is the circuit breaker tripped?

PROBLEM: The air conditioner does not cool as it should.

  • The temperature may not be set low enough, turn the knob to a lower setting.
  • If the room temperature is very hot when A/C is first turned on allow additional time to cool down.
  • If it’s still not working shut the unit off, wait 10 minutes, and turn it back on.


  • The filter should be washed with warm water or vacuumed every 30 days; more frequently in dirty environments. Remove the front grille to locate the filter.


1. Turn the thermostat to the off position.
2. Turn the breaker/HVAC to the OFF position.
3. Remove the service door (center panel)
4. Slide out the old filter, and slide in the new filter arrow facing up.
5. Replace service doors.


Solving Hot Water Heater Problems

  • The hot water heater must be filled with water BEFORE power is hooked up to the building. The heating element will burn out if you do not fill the tank.
  • If hot water heater is not operating once filled, check the on/off switch on the heater or check the breaker in the electrical panel box.
  • Run water with power off for 60 seconds or all air bubbles are out of the system.

Solving Heating Issues

  • No heat- Check that the breaker is on and that you can feel airflow.
  • If you feel air without heat call service immediately.
  • Check thermostats batteries- they may need to be changed

Transformer Primary/Secondary Information

  • If the incoming voltage is less than 220V at 219 volts or less the Primary Power Tap at the transformer must be changed from the “240V” (default) spade to the “208V” spade.
  • Failure to do so will cause low control voltage and may cause erratic or no operation of the contactors and relays.


  • Any water leaks need to be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Service Department. This includes watermarks around windows, doors, or ceiling tiles.

Portable Restroom Equipment (PRE)

  • Power must be hooked up to the unit before installation of PRE can be scheduled.
  • Once you have power please call our service department to schedule the PRE hook-up.
  • Any issues with your restroom please call our service department immediately.

Cold Weather Reminders

  • During the winter months, do not disconnect the heat from the unit until the plumbing has been drained or the pipes will freeze.
  • Leave Heat at 60 degrees minimum at all times during winter months, including overnight and weekends to prevent pipes from freezing.

Snow Removal

  • If there is a snow storm you are responsible for removing snow from the roof.
  • Do NOT USE A metal edge or metal shovel while shoveling the roof. It WILL cause damage that can lead to leaks.
  • Snow removal is necessary if your trailer is picked up during winter for easy accessibility.

Your Responsibilities

Your Building has been delivered in good operating condition and is ready for use. The filters are new and the fan and blower are in good operating condition.

To keep the unit in good operating condition:

  • Inspect HVAC filters every 30 days and replace them as needed. Or a minimum of every 3 months.
  • Inspect coils and contactors and removed excess dirt every 30 days. This should be done by a professional HVAC. Attempting to do this yourself can cause damage to the coils.
  • Keep walls as delivered, please do not nail or decal the interior or exterior of the unit. Use small push pins if you must attach documents. This does not apply to leased items such as white and cork boards provided by Triumph Modular.
  • Provide regular periodic janitorial service.

Other Information

  • Ongoing maintenance of the unit is the responsibility of the lessee.
  • If you need to move your unit please call the service department to schedule.

Lease Changeovers

  • The current leaseholder is responsible for sweeping and cleaning the unit.
    Triumph Modular is not responsible for the previous leaseholder’s furniture, equipment, or materials left in the unit.
  • Charges will apply for removing leftover items and excessive repair beyond ordinary wear.

Prepping Your Unit for Return

  • Allow Triumph Modular at least 10 Business Days’ notice for removal.
    Remove any wiring, pipes, and manifolds on or near the unit before it is returned.
  • Ensure all window screens are returned with the unit.
    Return your unit as clean as you received it. (See your responsibilities in section 3 of your agreement).
  • Return keys with your unit.
  • Remove all possessions.
  • The unit needs to be disconnected from all utilities.
  • Triumph Modular is not responsible for the customer’s furniture, equipment, or materials left in the unit.
  • Charges will apply for removing leftover items and excessive repair beyond ordinary wear. All materials around the trailer (temporary fencing, site materials, generators, etc) need to be cleared so that the driver can obtain access to the unit for a safe and quick pick-up.
  • Containers need 50-100 feet of running space (space in front of containers) to be picked up.
  • If your unit is not accessible or ready on your scheduled pick-up day you will be charged an “attempt to pick up” charge. If you need to reschedule your pick-up date for ANY reason please call ahead of time to avoid this charge.


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