Everything you need to make modular an essential part of your construction planning

Lunchtime Learning Webinar - July 21st, 2021

Offsite Construction Success by Example

According to Fortune Business Insights, the offsite construction market is expected to grow nearly 70% to $107.21 Billion by 2026. It makes sense that offsite is booming because it can save significant time and money compared with traditional construction. Attend this free online Lunchtime Learning Session to learn about offsite construction the best way possible: By Example

In our next Lunchtime Learning session, presented in partnership with MODLOGIQ, you’ll learn about different offsite construction techniques and in-depth details about 5 successful projects including:

  • Harvard University Life Lab
  • Cambridge Hospital Imagine Lab
  • Carroll School LEED-Certified Classroom
  • Hopkins Elementary School

And an inside look at a project being constructed right now: The Chelmsford Fire Station

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A Modular Approach to Off-Site Construction

Time-to-occupancy.  It’s a familiar term for architects, school planners, developers and anyone involved in construction.  It’s a key measure of a project’s success and why modular is growing in popularity. Presented in Partnership with ModLogiq.

Making Housing Affordable for Schools & Communities

Learn about multi-family housing, dormitories and municipal affordable housing projects completed with modular construction. Presented in partnership with KBS Builders.

Constructing for Constant Change

Learn how buildings can be future proof – designed to adapt to changing needs.

Presented in partnership with Whitley.

Want AIA credit? Request a webinar for your team that provides a broad overview of modular construction terms and techniques and receive AIA Continuing Eduction Credit.