Off-Site Construction Done Right: Free Webinar with Case Studies, Wed 4/14 at noon

Presented by Triumph Modular & MODLOGIQ

According to Fortune Business Insights, the off-site construction market is expected to grow nearly 70% to $107.21 Billion by 2026.  Attend this free Lunchtime Learning Session to learn about off-site processes — from prefab to volumetric modular – and the pros and cons of each.

Presented in partnership with MODLOGIQ, you’ll learn about their unique “Build Together” approach to off-site manufacturing that goes far beyond limited cookie-cutter assembly-line methods to create complex, stunning, permanent modular structures of the highest quality that you can visit, walk through, and review off-site before the building is constructed on YOUR site.

Who should attend?  Design professionals. Planners.  Developers.  Anyone considering commercial construction.

We will present detailed case studies and discuss projects in multiple sectors, including healthcare, K-12, higher education, university facilities, retail, multi-family housing, IT, corrections and more.

Off-site Construction is gaining momentum by the day so why not be a part of this movement?

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Attend the Lunchtime Learning Series Presented by Triumph Modular and Whitley

Join via Zoom at noon on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

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