Triumph Modular creates and delivers safe and healthy spaces, where people of all ages can be productive, innovative, learn and prosper. Our goal is to be the best provider of mobile and modular spaces throughout New England.

Executive Offices

Cliff Cort

Glenn Cort
Executive Vice President

Marketing, Leasing & Sales

Linda Bee
Manager, Marketing Operations

Terry Buckley
Account Executive

Jim Quinn
Account Executive

Lori Turner
Account Executive


Amy Bittencourt
Assistant Operations Manager

Meghan Berube
Quality Control Specialist

Rebecca Clark
Operations Coordinator

Bob Hanna
Operations Manager

Katelynn Morrow
Customer Service Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Luis Ardila
Business Office Coordinator

Jocelyn Beliveau
Executive Assistant to
President and Vice President, Finance & Administration

Gregg Kelly
Vice President,  Finance & Administration

Ralph Merrifield

Tasia Thong
Accounts Payable Manager




Mailing Address:
194 Ayer Road
Littleton, MA 01460