Modular Construction Cost Savings

Modular is often referred to in our industry as accelerated construction. Typically on a modular project, the schedule is reduced up to 50% when compared to conventional construction. 

Speed to occupancy and less time on a construction site has proven to keep permanent modular building projects on time and within budget.  For case studies illustrating costs and how volumetric permanent modular compares to traditional construction refer to the National Institute of Building Science sponsored research study.

The increased controls inherent in a manufacturing plant allow for more efficient material planning, increased predictability of labor teams, decreased labor costs and an overall reduction in the possibility of cost overruns often encountered during traditional stick-built construction.

The amount of subcontractors scheduled to an active conventional construction site is large, modular means less sub-contracting and less loss of materials due to damage and theft.  Reduced delays due to inclement weather also translate into cost savings. It doesn’t rain or snow in a factory. The modular process reduces moving parts and mitigates risk. Again, less time on a construction site has proven to keep permanent modular building projects on time and within budget.

Learn More About Modular Construction

Register to watch a recording of our webinar on Volumetric Modular Construction. The webinar delves into the design limitations of modular, comparative costs using stick-built construction and planning to reality.