Educational Facilities: Find Inspiration Off-Campus!

Triumph’s Nick Masci and Melissa McEwen of Haley & Aldrich hosted a session at the annual conference of the Eastern Region of The APPA — Leadership in Educational Facilities.

Their interactive session focused on how education facility managers are finding inspiration by getting off campus and outside higher ed.  By visiting other locations they gain exposure to best practices in visual management, workplace organization, sustainability, collaboration, maintenance, and more. Nick and Melissa are both experts in Lean management.  They illustrated Lean principles and how this exposure to other sectors helps create a sense of urgency and inspiration for improvement.

After walking through several examples and highlighting the tendency for people to fall into “mental models” that are difficult to change, Nick and Melissa facilitated small group working sessions.  Attendees were asked to address a series of questions to help them broaden their perspective and turn to other industries for inspiration and new types of innovations.

These question included:

  1. What problems is your team facing?
  2. What other industries might have these problems?
  3. What do you expect to learn and see?
  4. Who should go to make the most of the experience?

The participants in these groups left with clear takeaways and action steps for learning through cross-industry collaboration. The attendees were thrilled!


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