Chariho Alternative High School

Triumph Modular was chosen by the Chariho Regional School District to build a temporary modular classroom building for the district’s alternative learning high school for “at risk” students. The Chariho District experienced rapid growth and the immediate space requirements of the school needed to be addressed quickly. Comprised of 18 separate modules, the building provides classrooms, conference rooms, and “time out” rooms for more than 100 students.

Classroom walls have a special Chemlite coating to resist denting and punctures, and each room includes specially designed security features. The modules were delivered to the site over 90% complete, including interior finishing and fixtures. Triumph provided full ”turnkey” construction management services for the project. Our construction team prepared the site, including a new septic system, assembled the building and installed all HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. The project also included specially reinforced steel ADA-compliant access ramps.