Multi-Site School Additions

Temporary Modular Classrooms

The Boston Public School system has been a long-time customer of Triumph Modular. For the 2022-2023 school year, three separate elementary schools found a space shortage as their student population grew. Winning this bid allowed us to showcase our skills, once again, in timing and installation logistics.

During the spring of 2022, Triumph Modular was busy renovating previously used units at Williams College. Each building was designed to the specifications of Boston Public Schools, replacing walls, doors, and flooring, as well as updating the HVAC units. The off-site construction advantage of using modular allowed the remainder of the school year to go uninterrupted without the typical noise and machinery on traditional construction sites.

Site work at each school began in June, following the end of the school year. The schools are located in thickly settled residential areas around Boston, each posing unique challenges for delivery. The schoolyards are community spaces during non-school hours and days, so there was extra consideration during the preparation to not deprive access to each neighborhood. Careful logistic planning took place well before our first building delivery in July. Each classroom was delivered and set in one day. The quick set allowed ample time to install ramps, connect the buildings to electricity, and clean up the surrounding landscape.

Triumph Modular met the occupancy deadline, and teachers could move in and bring their classrooms to life before the first day of school. We feel confident that the twenty-four students in each room enjoyed learning in a bright and comfortable space for the year.

Challenges and Solutions:

Challenge: Delivery Day – Bates School entrance was too narrow.
Solution: The classrooms were craned in from the parking lot.

Challenge: Bates School’s electricity could not support the three units that needed to be powered.
Solution: A new transformer was installed to support the units.

Challenge: Delivery Day – The Grew School entrance was blocked off.
Solution: A crane was brought in to install the classrooms.

Challenge: Delivery Day – Chittick School had a similar narrow entrance to Bates.
Solution: Our expert drivers could maneuver the tight space to place the buildings in the center playground area.

The Results:

  • Minimal site disruption at each school.
  • Three classroom additions were delivered on schedule.
  • Classrooms were ready for the start of the school year.
  • The flexibility of a lease extension past the initial three years.