Quality. Concurrence. Craven.

craven: Katherine Craven, executive director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, spent about 90 minutes recently touring the Carroll School and talking about the challenges of meeting school district space needs in a cost-effective manner. The speed to occupancy benefits and high quality of today’s permanent modular school buildings resonated most with Craven. Think of the benefits to a community if a school expansion or renovation project could be completed over a single summer. The concurrent site preparation and factory construction in the modular process makes that at least plausible, if not immediately possible.

So does permanent modular have a place in MSBA’s vision for how state-funded school building projects will get done in the future? Well, the MSBA has clearly shown a willingness to explore creative solutions. But I think the modular industry still has some steps to take and challenges to navigate. The more that communities on their own start deploying high-quality modular classrooms, the more likely that specs for state-funded projects will evolve to include the modular process.